Secret to Cook the Best Steak Burgers

Secret to Cook the Best Steak Burgers

Summers speak of vacations with friends and family. Summers mean barbecue parties with friends. It’s time to take your tongs, fire up the grill, and start cooking. And what’s better than having a good, juicy, perfectly grilled steak in dinner on a warm summer night? A perfect, mouth-watering steak burger!

Unfortunately, not everyone can cook the best juicy steak burger. It is an art which should be practiced in order to be mastered. Grilling a perfect steak burger is a bit tricky but some tips and tricks can help you get through.

Pick Your Cut Carefully

There are many different cuts of beef available which can make delicious steak burgers, if grilled properly. It is best to choose a cut that is about an inch and a half in thickness. It is good to leave some fat because it helps to keep the burger patty moist during the grilling process.

Seasoning the Burger

A good steak burger is all about flavours. A typical pepper, salt, and onion mix can do the trick but adding different sauces and ground spices can take your steak burger to another level. Make sure not to overdo the flavouring because a good steak burger should be well-balanced. Everything including meat, bread, and seasoning should be tasted on their own.

Grilling the Steak Burger

Grilling is the key to a juicy, tender steak burger. Pre-heat the grill for 15 minutes, and lightly oil the grill grates so that the burger patty does not stick to it.

Place the patty on the grill and allow it to cook. It is best to use a spatula or tongs to flip the patty. Using a fork may cause piercing of the meat and it may dry out quickly.

Be mindful of the cooking time. In order to avoid over-cooking, remove the burger from the grill before it is cooked to perfection, because it continues to cook even after it is removed from the grill.

If a steak burger is not juicy, tender, and succulent, it’s just not worth it. Grilling a perfect steak burger requires a lot of effort and practice. It is all about trial and error. That is why professional steakhouses and burger joints have closely guarded recipes, which are hard to be developed at home.

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