Tips to grill your way to the perfect burger

Tips to grill your way to the perfect burger

Whether it is your favourite burger joint in Guildford Western Australia or your grill in your backyard, the quest for finding the perfect grilled burger continues with each burger that you eat. There are different ways of making a burger which includes steaming, frying, etc. Yet grilling continues to be one of the most sought-after ways of making a burger owing to the depth of cooking and flavours grilling creates in a burger Pattie.

If you wonder why you are unable to get your burger to taste like the burger joint in Guildford Western Australia, you should know that the answer is in the grilling. The key to a perfect burger is flawless grilling of the meat. The key to grilling is highlighted in the three tips outlined here. Once you are able to master the three tips to perfection, you can be well on your way to burger grilling gory.

The Best Meal

Where do you begin your quest for the best grilled burger in town? Yes you guessed it, by making sure you have the best pick of the perfect meat. In my experience, you need the kind of meat that is full of the quintessential blend of juiciness and tenderness. In addition to that, the meat should have an overall structure and density of a premium beef piece that looks good and tastes even better.

A View for Seasoning

Once you have picked the meat, you need to decide on which (if any) sort of seasoning you would want in your burger. Seasoning will depend on your taste since some people prefer to stay away from it. It is recommended though that you use some seasonings to keep the meat moist and to add some much needed zest to it. Salting the burger is one sort of seasoning since it is known to bring out the natural flavours of the beef allowing it to develop a delicious crust. Yet beware of salting your burger too early since it would eventually result in drying out the meat. Salt them just before tossing them out on the grill.

Start Cooking

Once you have done the above steps, you are ready to get cooking. Before you do that though, make sure the grill is oiled, hot, clean, and ready for use. The easiest way to make sure this is done correctly make sure you ensure the crust is excellent; searing the burgers on high heat. Wait for the crust to form, once it has formed, move the meat to the less heated part of the grill to cook. All throughout the cooking, don’t press down on the burgers no matter how much you want to. This causes the juices to ooze, making the meat and the resulting burger dry.

Once you follow these three tips, you’ll be able to get the taste of your favourite burger joint in Guildford Western Australia at home.